Carefully curated and lovingly maintained by Preeti, the Residency@Majha House, is our three bedroomed family home that will open up as a residency space for writers and artists looking for more than just a roof over their heads! It will work just as well for academics looking for quiet restful space to write/ research while on sabbaticals.

The main house is a single story three bedroom home with a spacious lobby and beautiful verandah, laid out in the middle of a luxurious green lawn, a kitchen garden and fruit trees with all modern amenities provided. The quiet and restful atmosphere, the tastefully done rooms, the home cooked meals give it a unique, relaxed atmosphere.

Visits to nearby places of interest, food trails, bird watching in the wetlands an hour away, interaction with local communities and visits to our own village as well as opportunity for research into Amritsar’s rich cultural and historical heritage are some activities that can be curated as per requirement.

The residency space is available on short term and long term basis at a modest fee. For more information, please contact us